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What insurance companies provide quotes for PolicyMatch?

Currently, we’re proud to partner with a top-rated life insurance carrier called Prudential. This company meets our high standards for financial strength, quality, and exceptional customer support.

Fun Fact- Did you know Prudential (UK Parent company) paid out life insurance claims when the historically famous Titanic sank?

Yep! With Prudential, you are in the right company.

However, we are in talks with Britam, CIC, and ICEA Lion- soon we will have their life insurance products on our platform for you to compare.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Why use policyMatch for Life Insurance Quotes?

Access a top-rated plan

PolicyMatch offers life insurance quotes from a highly-rated provider, so you don’t have to keep shopping around to get the best deal.

Find your policy fast

We'll get you quotes quickly via email or WhatsApp, and then we'll process your application with the insurance company. All under 3 days!

Get help when you need it

Our team is here to help you understand life insurance cover choices to help you make the right decision for you & your family.    

Kind words from satisfied customers

"Thanks to Nick and PolicyMatch, I was able to find the perfect education policy for my child's future. I can rest easy knowing that their school fees are taken care of from primary school all the way to university. I appreciate the ease of the process and the personalized attention I received throughout. Thank you, Nick and PolicyMatch!"

Precious WanjiruPrecious WanjiruRuaka, Kiambu County

"I am so grateful to PolicyMatch for helping me find the right life insurance policy for me. With the Prudential whole life insurance I got through them, I know that my mortgage will be taken care of if anything were to happen to me. This gives me peace of mind knowing that my family can continue living in our home without financial strain. I am very satisfied with the excellent service and guidance provided by Nick and the team at PolicyMatch."

Bob MagaraBob MagaraKileleshwa, Nairobi

"I am thrilled with the endowment plan that Nick from PolicyMatch helped me secure. It's a 15-year plan that I plan to use for my retirement savings and planning. I appreciate Nick's expertise and professionalism, as well as his patience in explaining the options available to me. He truly understood my needs and helped me find the perfect plan. Thank you for your excellent service!"

Ivy KIvy KKahawa Sukari

What I like about these guys ni convenience sana sana! I filled that form with my details and within 24 hours they had the best covers for me. They then helped me decide on the right one. Let them handle your medical cover needs. Good job guys & thanks!

Bob MagaraBob MagaraKileleshwa, Nairobi

I wanted a policy to cover me and my son, especially since being a single mom medical bills can hit you hard. And I didn't have time to shop around for policies- so many bad companies in the country. But through their agents, PolicyMatch got me the perfect cover for me with Jubilee Insurance.

Precious WanjiruPrecious WanjiruRuaka, Kiambu County

PolicyMatch made my work so much easier when I was shopping for a good medical cover in Nairobi. A very helpful representative found me higher coverage for less money than I expected. They followed through, and I was always able to get in touch. I would recommend them to anyone!

Ivy KIvy KKasarani, Nairobi

Frequently asked questions

Who needs life insurance?If you have dependents or beneficiaries who rely on your income, consider getting life insurance. This includes your spouse, children, or other family members who depend on you financially. If you have outstanding debts, such as a mortgage, that you want to ensure are paid off in the event of your death, life insurance can also be important for you. Additionally, if you own a business or have partners in a business, you may want to consider life insurance to protect your business interests.

Difference between a whole life policy and an endowment policy?Whole life insurance (also called Permanent Insurance) and endowment plans are both types of life insurance policies, but they have some differences.

Whole life insurance provides coverage for the policyholder's entire life and typically has a cash value component that builds over time. Unlike endowment plans, whole life insurance does not have a fixed term when the cover ceases. When you pass on, the policy matures and is paid out to your nominated beneficiaries.

Endowment plans, on the other hand, provide coverage for a specific term or period of time. At the expiry of the term, you receive a lump sum cash payout, which includes the sum assured and any accumulated bonuses. Endowment plans are an attractive option for combining insurance coverage with a savings plan. The popular education policies are really endowment plans. An endowment plans gives you the long-term financial discipline required to save towards a major goal you have- such as saving towards retirement, a morgage downpayment, a piece of land, etc.

In summary, the main difference between whole life insurance and endowment plans is that whole life insurance provides coverage for the policyholder's entire life with a cash value component, while endowment plans provide coverage for a specific term or period of time with a savings component that offers a lump sum payout when the term ends.

How does the life insurance buying process work?1. You fill out the form above so that we can generate a quote tailored for you, which we then email to you.

2. You go through the quote and through our dedicated guidance, we help you navigate the differences between options, and answer any other questions you may have.

3. We send you the application form, so you can begin applying.

4. We send your application form to the insurance company for approval.

5. You begin paying for your policy through official payment channels held by the insurance providers.

6. Do not miss any payments. If you run into difficulties that may delay your payment, communicate, communicate, communicate to us, so we can engage the insurance company.

7. Have peace of mind for yourself and for your loved ones knowing your life & finances are sorted.

Are PolicyMatch insurance quotes accurate?At PolicyMatch, we work hard to make sure you get an accurate insurance quote.

We believe in personalizing your entire life insurance experience, which means we’ll go beyond the basics. Also, as a duly licensed agency, we will work closely with you by phone to further customize your quote around your exact needs.

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